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Know about New Charlie Murphy Movie a Dedication by Eddie Murphy

Charlie Murphy Movie

Charlie Murphy movies never lack good humour. The actor, standup comedian and writer is also the older brother of Eddie Murphy. Eddie is way more popular than his brother with his ‘Chappelle’s Show’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’. Still, Charlie is one of the most legendary comedians in history. Many are not aware that Charlie Murphy’s died at 207 due to leukaemia. Also, Eddie took a break from the media but he is planning to make a comeback into Hollywood. 

‘My name is a Dolemite’ is a dedication by Eddie Murphy to his older brother. The brothers shared a close bond which also made them choose the standup comedy career. Eddie is still mourning the loss of his brother. This film in memory of Charlie Murphy is just too special. Now let us know more about Charlie Murphy movies and his life. 

The problematic childhood of the Murphy brothers 

Murphy brothers had to face several problems in their childhood. When Eddie was just three years his parents decide to separate. Within a few years, their father was murdered. Both of these brothers did not have an ordinary and fun childhood. However, to make things better for his younger brother Charlie always protected him. Eddie who was just about 6 years was miserable after his father’s death but his brother did not leave his side. 

Further, Murphy’s mother became ill due to which they went to foster care. Fortunately, they did not separate the brothers but a year later they were sent back to their mother. Also, Eddie coped with tough times with humour. Due to his talent, Eddie soon started to elaborate his career in standup comedy. 

For him, it was also a way to cope with childhood trauma. On the other hand, Charlie chooses the wrong path to deal with his pain by joining a violent gang. The first time the Murphy brothers stayed away from each other was when Charlie went to prison for 10 years. However, after his prison time, his mother sent Charlie to the Military. 

Charlie Murphy

Charlie rises to fame through standup comedy and movies 

After coming out of prison and joining the military Charlie became head of security. At the same time, Eddie was rising to fame with his ‘Chappelle’s Show’. Also, due to his popularity, he needed a security person to protect him all the time. There was no better person to protect Edie than his older brother. Due to this, Charlie became the head of security for his brother. Throughout, Eddie’s popularity Charlie stood by his side by protecting him. After the end of Eddie’s show, Charlie thought to pursue his career as a standup comedian. 

Charlie starts his journey at 42 years. He admits that his brother Eddie was an iconic comedian at that time. Still, she took the brave decision to try out his comedy skills. He says that even though he cannot match Eddie he still tries to bring laughter into this world. Eddie was proud of his brother and also went to his shows many times. Also, as the best admirer of his brother, Eddie never wanted people to compare him with his brother. 

Eddie Murphy creates a film in memory of Charlie Murphy’s legacy 

After facing many struggles, last battle of Charlie was cancer. Charlie did not survive the disease due to which he passed away in 2017. His demise is a saddening incident for his family, brother and two daughters. Eddie who is still mourning his brother’s death comments that he will be missed every day. 

Eddie Murphy

In remembrance of his brother Charlie, he created the film ‘My name is Dolemite’. It is not only a memory but a big comeback of Eddie Murphy in movies. For many years Eddie Murphy took a break from acting. Now he is on the move to do more films and also start his standup comedy again. Eddie Murphy is also going to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ which is exciting news for his fans. 

A few years after the death of Charlie, he appears again on television. The Murphy brothers are inspiring personalities of the decade. Even after facing many struggles in life, they did not give up. They did not allow ego to come in between their journey. Eddie Murphy and Charlie are powerful people who encourage people to achieve their dreams. Even though Charlie Murphy is not alive he lives through his legacy. 


Charlie Murphy’s movie ‘My name is a Dolemite’ is a special dedication of Eddie Murphy to him. Charlie Murphy was a standup comedian and writer. He never felt shadowed by his brother Eddie.

 Further, he says how proud he is of Eddie Murphy in a 2009 interview. Eddie Murphy is still missing his brother Charlie who was always supportive. To know more about Charlie Murphy movies and his legacy read the above article. 

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