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Britney Spears Instagram Pics Not Really Her Own, Diva Hits Back

Britney Spears

Recent Britney Spears Instagram pics are not really her own, fans have claimed. This is not the first time the celebrity has found herself in the midst of a tiff with fans. This time, she told the trolls to back off after a picture of her bare back sparked criticism from netizens.

Britney posted a picture of herself, completely buck naked and flaunting her flawless back for the camera. Now we all know there are tons of netizens who have eyes to put a rival to shame. Some of these hawk-eyed individuals spotted a few “discrepancies” in the photo and started voicing their suspicions online. We take a look at what the ruckus is all about.

The Whole Issue

Britney has a few tattoos on her back. Nine, to be precise, and all of them have their own meaning and significance for her. Moreover, there is one tattoo that says “Healing” in Hebrew on her neck. In the topless photo that is causing all the controversy, Britney seems to be missing that exact tattoo. Fans immediately launched into an uproar. Furthermore, the first question that was asked again and again was “Where are her tattoos?” After plenty of brainstorming and hobnobbing, some bright minds came up with another strange trend. “FREE BRITNEY.”

Conspiracy theories are nothing new to the world of celebrities. Some are mild and bizarre, like the most popular people in the world being aliens. Others include prominent celebrities being members of an elite cult that controls the world. Moreover, some include delusions that these same celebrities were replaced at some point in time with their doppelgangers. Now, this same theory has come forward to suggest that Britney Spears Instagram pics nude are not hers at all. They belong to an impostor. Britney, according to this theory, is imprisoned and unsafe somewhere. 

The Whole Issue
Credit: rolling stone

The Clarification

Now, there is some semblance of truth in the claims. The picture in question does not contain any distinguishing features. You cannot even see a face or even the hint of one. Furthermore, it is not rather difficult to believe that it indeed could be some other woman’s back. But even if it is, so what? Another very logical possibility is Britney simply uploaded a picture of herself when she did not have the tattoos. Throwback photos are not new or novel. Celebrities post such pics all the time and Britney Spears is nobody different.

However, there is no need to speculate any longer. The pop icon herself removed all doubts and speculation with a clarification some days later. Britney took to Instagram once more to simply set the record straight. According to her, she had Photoshopped the tats out of her skin. Why? She offers no explanation.

The Clarification
Credit: NPR

The star says she does not care what people think of this bizarre step and that she did it because she felt like it. To drive the point home, Britney also posted a meme of a woman raising a middle finger with a caption next to it. It says she edited her photo to see how she would look clean, and that haters can kiss her ass while they get behind her back.

While more conspiracy theories have emerged that Britney is not in control of her account, we tend to agree with the diva. She is living her life like she wants. Can anyone comment on it? 


1. Where can we find Britney Spears photos from topless?

You can find them frequently on her Instagram profile.

2. Are there any Britney Spears pics uncensored?

It might be a bit hard to find, but you can find some on Google Images. 

3. What happened to Britney Spears?

She is out of her 14 year old conservatorship and living her life beautifully. 

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