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Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens handle a lot of important tasks and almost always need to be up to date. You should be aware of the best floor drains for commercial kitchens so that there aren’t many drainage issues since these can disrupt the alignment of the entire kitchen. This will help you work more efficiently in the commercial kitchen. Thus, floor drain comes up for debate among commercial kitchen managers.

Kitchens must follow rigorous time schedules because they are fast-paced, bustling areas. Therefore, it’s critical that the proper floor drains are installed in commercial kitchens. By doing this, you can avoid headaches caused by blocked or damaged drainage in the future. LIPKA manufactures the top floor drains for commercial kitchens. For busy commercial kitchens, there is a great assortment of channel drains made specifically for kitchens. The LIPKA’s collection provides top-notch channel drainage ideal for a chaotic and untidy kitchen setting. No matter how big your kitchen is, the floor drain will still function perfectly.

What’s a Commercial Kitchen?

The names of commercial kitchens vary. Whatever name they go through restaurants, cafeterias, experimental kitchens, etc.—they all relate to the same thing: a commercial scale kitchen that is used by cuisine amateurs to prepare meals. These kitchens can feature more often than simply prep and cooking areas; other key aspects include refrigeration, meal service, pickup, dishes return, and a wiping unit.

Significance of Floor Drainage

Floor drains are made to safely and effectively transport water to a sewer or municipal storm drain, whether they are indoor or outdoor, keeping the floor dry and preventing flooding in the rooms. Traps are used to stop sewer gas and stink from entering your home through the drain and entering your home.

Wastewater is removed from the floor surface via drainage systems, and it is then channeled to a specific disposal area. Without such systems, wastewater may stay on the ground, where it might pose a risk for slips and falls and serve as a haven for deadly bacteria like e. coli. Once contamination spreads throughout the facility due to bacteria, both ingredients and products might become ruined.

Two Systems to Consider for Commercial Kitchen Drainage

There are several alternatives available for Commercial Floor Drain, but none can match Lipka Floor Drains in quality. Some of the greatest products on the market include their round & square floor drain and linear drain channel. What you need to know about these two various systems is as follows:

Linear drain channel 

Our company is engaged in providing a broad selection of the best floor drain channels for commercial kitchens.  Under the leadership of knowledgeable specialists and in accordance with general business standards, our products are created. High strength, improved durability and made to market demands. For huge volumes of water handling and equipped with a drain cover, tray, and cockroach trap, LIPKA Floor Drain Channel is designed for commercial kitchens, produced from high-quality, AISI 304-grade stainless steel that is 1mm thick and has 18% chromium and 8% nickel for rust and corrosion resistance. The Floor drain trap gathers waste to prevent drain obstruction and prevents bugs, gases, and unpleasant odours from entering the kitchen.  The tray allows for quick water drainage. Our Linear drain channels are available in a variety of sizes.

Round and Square Floor Drain

Round & Square Floor drain comes with floor drain jali and floor drain trap that makes it easy to handle, and a hole for attaching waste pipes are all included in the effective and fashionable floor drain known as Jali, Hinge & Hole. The greatest floor drains for commercial kitchens are made by Lipka from India’s most favoured steel, AISI 304-Grade Stainless-Steel. The floor jali has a glossy surface, a clean, sharp appearance, and curved edges that provide a solid hold on the floor.

For non-corrosive and rust-resistant properties, floor drains are made of stainless steel with a composition of 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. The floor drain trap keeps vermin, pollutants, and offensive odours out of the kitchen.

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