Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Illegitimate Son: Know The Truth About Joseph Baena

Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son

There is a buzz about Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son. After many years of keeping a huge secret, the actor opens up about it. Arnold Schwarzenegger who is an American actor and California governor rectifies his mistake by talking about his secret son. No one can deny the fact that he is a legendary artist. Even in his personal life, he has remained far from rumor’s. 

The 75-year-old actor publicly announces the affair with his maid in the 1990s. The secret son is Joseph Baena who Arnold and his maid raised together. It is a scandal that wrecks his family. Arnold’s wife Maria Shriver moves out after hearing this shocking news. It is surely a tough time for Schwarzenegger and his family. Still, let us take a look at the reason why the actor thought to reveal his secret son after many years. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son

The scandal that ruins Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reputation 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has one of the most exceptional journeys as a celebrity. There are several praiseworthy films of the actor that continues to amuse the audience. With the perfect career, body and family many thought he is living a dream. However, the scandal about Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son is making people think otherwise. 

The actor’s whole life is taking a hit due to this one rumour. Arnold confirms that he has a son whom he has kept under wraps for decades. After hearing this shocking truth his wife Maria Shriver did not think twice to end her relationship with him. At this age, his life did turn around from normal to chaotic. Let us see when did the actor reveal his secret son. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger spills details about his illegitimate son in a therapy session 

Arnold is a celebrity who is always open about his mistakes. The California Governor intentionally had affair with his maid knowing that it is a disloyal act. Mildred Baena is the maid’s name who bore Arnold’s child. When his wife Maria was expecting her fourth child with him his maid was expecting an illegitimate son. At any point in his affair he did not open up about it to his family. 

In fact, Arnold did not know anything about his son until he was 8 years old. The actor met the maid’s son one day and finds the kid had the same facial features as him. This rang a bell to the actor about his relationship with his maid. Also, starts to raise the illegitimate son in secrecy. Even after knowing about his son, the actor thought to remain silent about it. 

You may wonder when the actor came clean about the incident. It is on a therapy session when Arnold finally confesses his mistake of having an affair. He and his wife Maria took couples therapy sessions. Without any reason, his wife had few doubts about him. The therapist directly asked Arnold about his affair with the maid and he admitted that it was true and that they have a son. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son: The actor takes full responsibility for his mistake

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a celebrity who many think of as their role model. He may have set a wrong example by hiding his mistake for many decades. Also, Joseph the child from Arnold’s affair is still called his illegitimate son makes is it even more unfair. However, the actor has great power and wealth to hide mistakes. Still, Arnold did not do such a thing but he admits to the mistake. 

Joseph Baena

The actor opens up about this matter saying’ I have many setbacks in my life but this is the biggest setback’. He further adds that ‘There is no one to blame on this matter but only him’. The celebrity says that divorce from Maria his wife is the lowest point in his life. Arnold Schwarzenegger is facing a downtime in his life. For all his mistakes he admits to apologizing to his wife and children. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his relationship with Joseph Baena 

The scandal about the secret son is tough on Arnold and his family. Still, Joseph Baena should have been the most affected person. Still, he understands this whole situation and forgives his father. In a recent interview, Arnold says that his fifth child Joseph is fantastic and he is his love child. 

Joseph was growing up in Arnold’s mansion with his kids. However, he was never recognized as Arnold’s child. When the actor knew about Joseph he took full financial responsibility. As many know money is not only important for a child. Due to this, Arnold has his love and care for Joseph as his other children. He did not differentiate him from his others kids. 

This father-son duo is enjoying a warm and caring relationship. Arnold also attends his graduation. Plus, Joseph does not miss out on workout sessions with his father. Even though the scandal about Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son is huge the family is handling the situation well. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son is Joseph Baena. Even after making serious mistakes the terminator star openly admits it. Know more about the scandal from the above article. 

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