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What is the Amazon Walmart Target Mega Strike All About?

Amazon Walmart Target Mega Strike

As you know, the aftermath of this pandemic was quite serious in the United States when compared to other parts of the world. Really, the death toll that was in the USA looked so devastating. In turn, this caused people to lose out their jobs during these tough times. And, that’s how the Amazon, Walmart, Target mega strike came about.

Well, it all started on International workers day. Yes, on the 1st of May, many workers started their protest. And, slowly it started to gain momentum all over the country. Just keep reading to find more about this strike.

The aim of Amazon Walmart Target mega strike

Certainly, you know that Amazon, Walmart, Target are big companies. In fact, you can say that they have made a name for themselves in today’s world. And, they have a huge amount of workers under them. So, you can imagine how big this strike is if all of them started going for it. Surely, they must have a good cause to start a strike at a national level.

The reason for their mega strike is to have a good and safe work environment in their companies. In other words, the workers united together to fight for their rights. Of course, during the pandemic, everyone had it hard. And, that includes these workers as well. 

Amazon Walmart Target Mega Strike

While some workers found it hard to commute during these tough times, others got infected because of the unsafe workplace. In turn, this led to many losing their jobs here. So, the workers demanded benefits and payments from their employers.

In short, the workers wanted to get their pay when they took leave due to the infection. And, they want the companies to give them PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when they work there.

What did reveal about the companies involved?

Well, a lot of hidden truths came to light because of the Amazon, Walmart, Target mega strike. For starters, many companies didn’t reveal the correct number of infected employees during the pandemic. Obviously, this unnecessarily put others at risk. On the other hand, companies claim to protect their employee’s rights by denying the exact details of the infected individuals. In fact, the companies have told everyone that the stories about not taking care of their workers are baseless rumours.

Of course, the real workers, who knew what the company did and did not do to them, came out. Yes, they joined the strike and openly told about the hidden things about the company. Also, they are asking for the payments that are still not given to them. Finally, the workers want the companies to pay their sick employees who got the Covid 19 because of working there.

Public’s reaction to the Amazon, Walmart, Target mega strike

Of course, the public’s reaction to such a countrywide strike was a mixed one. Well, some supported the cause and shared their thoughts on their social media accounts. In fact, famous politicians and celebrities showed their support openly. On the other hand, some people told that there are rules to follow which the companies didn’t break. And, others told that the protestors are actually ignoring the safety measures of the Covid 19.

Well, that’s all there is about the Amazon, Walmart, Target mega strike. Really, such a massive strike shows the other side of things that never came to light.

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