The Unsolved Mystery Of San Francisco Serial Killer Who Killed 37 Victims

San Francisco serial killer

San Francisco serial killer is on the loose as his identity remains unknown. Serial killers are the worst as they have no guilt for their crimes. Killing is a hobby for these criminals who also challenge people to find their identity. There are many serial killers in history who have done horrifying crimes. 

One such infamous serial killer in the 1960’s was the Zodiac killer. For nearly five decades there have been several suspects for this case. This killer used newspapers to give clue to the people about his serial murders. Cops could crack only two cryptograms of this killer. 

Since then there are several theories and rumours about this murderer. The fact that he was never arrested is disappointing to many. There are no charges for the horrible murders or tortures he did to the victims. Still, here are a few details about the San Francisco serial killer you need to know about Joseph James DeAngelo Jr

The zodiac Killers says that murder is a fun and wild game to him 

Serial killers use a pattern to murder their victims. For every serial killer this pattern is different. They are psychos who murder people without any guilt. Many such killers develop a pattern of killing their victims due to a traumatic past. Likewise, the Zodiac Killer used newspaper letters to threaten people. 

He did give away clues about his next murder but cops crack only few of them. When cracking a letter cops found a message from the Zodiac killer. He says that he wants servants to serve him in paradise. 

Also, in a letter he mentions his evil intention to murder people. From the letter it is shocking to know that he murdering people is fun and it is like a wild game to him. Let us see more about the San Francisco serial killer and his victims.  

The number of innocent victims murdered and tortured to death by zodiac killer 

Through his letter cops could find that Zodiac killer has murdered 37 people. All these serial murders happened in 1967 to 1969. Investigators find only 7 corpses of his victims. Further, there are about two people who may have survived his attack. The murder of victims such as Jo bates; Donna lass and Kathleen still need confirmation. The zodiac killer’s weapon to harm these victims is a gun or knife. 

He brutally shot or stabbed his victims many times to put them to death. Also, his series of murder shows that he killed couples. The first crime scene pointing to this murderer is on Lake Herman at 1968. His first victims are Betty Jenson and David Arthur. After this brutal murder, cops find another two corpses on 1969. In the blue rock spring they identified the body as Ferrin and Mageau. However, Mageau survived the attack. 

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.

Plus, in 1969 Shepard and Bryan murder scene clues point to Zodiac killer. Even after getting several stabs Shepard tells few identities of the killer. Unfortunately, Shepard dies after two days due to severe injuries. The last murder by the killer is on 1969 where a cab driver was shot dead in his car. After this, there was no a newspaper clue or murders pointing to the Zodiac Killer. 

The popular suspects relating to the zodiac killer 

The True Zodiac Killer was never convicted for his crimes. There are many suspects in this case who the cops think of as the criminal. However, after taking these criminals into custody they did not have enough evidence to prove. One of the popular suspects is Arthur Leigh Allen. 

He is the school teacher who is also a sexual abuser. He was fired as a teacher when they got report about sexual abuse. Cops suspect him as the Zodiac Killer due to his appearance near the murder scene. Allen in his defense said that he was near the scene as he was scuba diving. 

After his death, more Zodiac Killings make the police rule him out from the suspect list. As there was no criminal charged for these murder the Zodiac killer case went to FBI. The details about the zodiac killer still remain a mystery. The clues and pattern of murders spark curiosity about the killer. It is one of the grim cold cases in history that has no lead to proceed. 


Details about Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. the San Francisco serial killer and the zodiac killer remains a mystery. There are brutal homicides by this criminal that remain unsolved. From 1967 to 1969 the killing spree continued. 

After this, there was no clue from the killer or murders pointing to him. The nature, mystery and clues left by the San Francisco killer are interesting for many to read. To know more about him take a look at the above article.

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