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Is Jimmy Fallon Divorced? The Real Facts About His Relationship Status

Is Jimmy Fallon Divorced

Is jimmy Fallon divorced? Is a rumour that is swirling around the internet. It is not the first break-up story that is viral but still, people want to know the facts. Nancy Juvonen is the wife of the popular TV host, comedian and actor Jimmy Fallon. Recently, the audience saw Nancy on a TV show where she shares her interests. 

The wife of jimmy Fallon is doing a great job as a producer with business partner and actress Drew Barrymore. In the show, Nancy explains how she loves the word Happiness. She thinks that happiness drives her to do all the things in life. Also, she shares that a person has to work hard to earn happiness. 

Nancy Juvonen made a happy decision to marry the love of her life Jimmy Fallon. From her recent interview, it is clear that Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen are happy in their long-lasting marriage. They have a strong bond where they trust each other. Now let us see more about more about the rumour Is jimmy Fallon divorced?

Jimmy Fallon

Details about Nancy Juvonen her background and career 

Nancy Juvonen is a hardworking producer in Hollywood. Many do not recognize her, as most of her work is behind the screen. Further, the career of Nancy started when she met her long-time friend Drew Barrymore for the first time on ‘Mad Love’ sets. The brother of Nancy is a writer and producer due to which she went to the set. 

The friendships soon became a strong bond and the two also became business partners. They both have their own production company under the name of ‘Flower films’. Nancy and Drew continue their journey as business partners and close friends. They have produced some of the big films in Hollywood. 

Further, some of their super hit projects are Charles angles, Never Been Kissed and Whip it. In the Tonight show, Nancy praises her friend saying that Drew for her production work. Through her production work, Nancy earns a net worth of 20 million. 

Nancy Juvonen

The beautiful love story of Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen

Nancy Juvonen had produced several rom-com movies. In reality, the love life of Nancy is as lovely as one of these romantic movies. Nancy Juvonen shares her first time meeting Jimmy Fallon on SNL when he was rehearsing with Drew. At their first meeting, she adores how friendly Jimmy is. Also, he quickly made her feel comfortable. In 2005 when Nancy is the producer of Jimmy’s films after which they start to date each other. 

Flirting and dating on the sets was easy for the couple as it was a calm environment. Plus, she and jimmy had the same interests. Nancy says how heart melts whenever she is with Jimmy. During the film wrap they did not have any reason to hang out. However, when they started to miss each other they began to date officially. In 2007, it was finally a ‘Happily ever after’ for the couple when they tied the knot. 

Is jimmy Fallon divorced? Know the truth behind the rumour 

Like any other happy couple, Jimmy Fallon and Nancy had a few ups and downs in their life. After a beautiful marriage ceremony and a romantic honeymoon, the couple was content. A few difficulties did rise when they were trying to be parents. In 2013, Jimmy shares how his wife had a tough time getting pregnant due to infertility. After much effort, the couple had to opt for surrogacy. In the interview, jimmy shares about perseverance. 

He says that trying constantly will be worth it and you will have a beautiful family in the end. After much effort, the couple had their first daughter in 2013. Also, the next year they welcomed their second baby. When describing their relationship Nancy says that everything is going well. Also, she says the secret to their happy marriage is keeping the humour alive. The couple is parenting their kids with more love and care. 

Also, even after a decade still head over heels for each other. Nancy shares for a couple to be happy having the same interest is not always necessary but having the same values matters the most. Jimmy Fallon is not heading for divorce but he is in marital bliss. Also, they are honest with each other which make their life happier. 


Is jimmy Fallon divorced is just a rumour but nothing more. Jimmy Fallon’s wife is Nancy who is also a producer. The couple is happy with their two daughters. In a recent interview, Nancy shares how strong their relationship is in a recent interview. 

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