How Did Alaskan Bush People Fame Amber Branson Die?

Amber Branson

Alaskan Bush People is a popular American docudrama-style reality TV series. In this series, the Brown Family attempts to survive in the wilderness. This was the popular series that premiered on the Discovery Channel. But the star of this series recently passed away. It was Amber Branson who died of injuries from a fire accident in a Texas house.

Read through the article to know more about Amber Branson and her death. Go through the article to get additional information about her family.

How Did Amber Branson Die?

People got this news before Bear Brown’s announced Billy’s death. He was the patriarch of Brown’s family who died on February 7.

Amber died on May 1, 2020, after struggling from severe injuries that she got in a fire. Amber was born in 1976 and she was 44 years old at the time of her death. There is no information about her birthplace and date. 

In Texas, she lived with her boyfriend. At the time of the incident, her boyfriend was not with her. Her boyfriend found the gasoline can later in his neighbor’s house. Amber died and left her ex-husband, three kids, and four grandchildren. She even left her two brothers and parents.

Amber was the niece of the Brown Family Matriarch Ami Brown. She was the daughter of Ami’s brother Rene. On Facebook, Ami’s other Les shared this sad news with people. Amber died of keeping fire on her herself and she got severe injuries out of the fire. Almost, 90% of her body got more injuries that were difficult to heal. 

According to some sources, Amber was facing some emotional issues for a long time. She even consumed drugs while setting herself on fire. 

At 3.55 AM on May 1, 2020, she died after not getting life support. Amber was a lovable and kind person. She was generous and down-to-earth too. Though she left this world, she is still living in the hearts of her family members and fans.

What Happened To Billy Brown?

Bear Brown announced the death of his father Billy Brown on February 7. He died due to a stroke or seizure. On social media, Bear shared this sad news with people. He was heartbroken by the sudden loss of his father.

Billy Brown was a wonderful man and a loving father for Bear Brown. He lived a wonderful life and even he taught his people how to live a life. Thus, his family requested prayers from people to rest Billy Brown in peace.

Why Did Alaskan Bush People Leave Alaska?

Initially, the Alaskan family was in Hoonah, Alaska. It was popular as Browntown and the family is Browntown family. In Browntown, there is a series of houses and the family members themselves built them using Alaskan Bush.

The Brown Family decided to leave Alaska due to the health issue of Ami. Ami had cancer and was the female matriarch of the family. The family purchased a 435-acre property in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Ami and Bill Brown traveled easily to LA from this location for treatment.

Season 13 Of Alaskan Bush People:

At present, one can watch the 13th season of Alaskan Bush People on Discovery. It was started on September 19, 2021, and it is premiered every Sunday. One can also watch it on Discovery+.


Since the Brown family faced many issues and losses, they decided to move to Washington. At present, people can watch the 13th season of the Alaskan Bush series on Discovery.

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